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Christmas Gifts

Over the course of a few weeks we have been working on some of the suggestions that you have given mainly to do with the gallery/albums.
14/12/2011 - 16:22 | Read More

Google+ Users Widget

Google+ users can now add a Google+ stats widget to your foliopic home page.
13/07/2011 - 09:47 | Read More

New templates

Two great new templates have been added to the mix
26/05/2011 - 21:26 | Read More

Contacts Import

Import your contacts with just a click of a button!
24/02/2011 - 10:18 | Read More

Add Your Tweets

For all you social networkers out there you can now add your tweets to our homepage using our new Twitter Widget!
24/02/2011 - 10:09 | Read More

Sub-Albums Now Available

It is now possible to create sub-albums within your current photo albums. This allows you to further organise your photos.
10/02/2011 - 11:19 | Read More

Slideshows can now have sound!

Add sound to your slideshows when they play!
18/01/2011 - 11:48 | Read More

Foliopic Video Help Guides

A set of instructional videos to help you set up and use foliopic
16/12/2010 - 11:27 | Read More

Pay with Paypal!

We have made it even easier to renew your foliopic site by allowing you to pay via Paypal!
20/09/2010 - 15:35 | Read More

Show / Hide Photos

We have added the ability to hide photos where they may stand, so you no longer have to keep moving then into a hidden folder.
27/07/2010 - 14:26 | Read More