Sell Digital Downloads & Remove Watermarks Features

15/05/2013 - 11:29

Foliopic customers with 'Plus' and 'Pro' packages can now sell digital downloads of photos. To sell digital downloads of a photos, create a print size, check the 'Digital Download' check box and then apply this print size to the photos you wish to make available for digital download purchases. Please note that only photos with a high-res original uploaded will be available for digital download purchases. If a photo does not have the original, you can upload the original by editing the photo and uploading the original in the field provided.

We have also introduced a way to remove watermarks from photos. Again, only photos with originals have the facility available.


Hoofprint Images
30/05/2013 - 13:24
Hi how do I make this work on existing galleries?

I got it to work once on a single photo but as price was nil it got confused and now won't recognise the digital download prnt size as a reality

the photos in our existing galleries are websized for speed of upload, does this mean that we would have to upload all the full sized ones?

What resolution of image does the customer get when they purchase a digital download and are there options as to the sizes applied?

What resolution is considered to be high res?

I look forward to your help on this


THe Hoofprint Team

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