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30/06/2010 - 13:19

New Cafepress Feature

Cafepress is another way of creating revenue like the Shop feature but on a smaller scale, this is done by allowing visitors to create on the fly gifts using your photographs. Just like the Shop feature you can choose which photos you would like to or not implement with Cafepress.

By default this feature is turned off and can not be activated unless you have a Cafepress Account otherwise you will receive no commission payments.

What is Cafepress all about?

CafePress is where people gather online to create, sell and buy "print on-demand" products. If you have a foliopic site then you have the option to sell your images on cafepress products. To find out more about Cafepress click here.

How much commission do you receive?

You receive 10% commission on any products created from your photos.

Step By Step of the Foliopic / Cafepress Feature

  1. You signup for a Cafepress Account.
  2. You complete payment details with Cafepress.
  3. You complete Cafepress Settings within Foliopic.
  4. Visitor goes on your website and views your Cafepress Assigned Photos.
  5. Visitor selects which photo he/she wants to create a gift for.
  6. Visitor selects which products he/she wants the photo on.
  7. Visitor commits to buying the product via Cafepress.
  8. Cafepress detects the product was made via your account ID.
  9. Cafepress sends you 10% commission cheque
If you have trouble creating a Cafepress Account or unsure about what to do, you can find out by going to the FAQ for 'What do i need to do in order to sell items on Foliopic via Cafepress?'

If you have any enquiries or trouble with Cafepress please send reports via the Help Center.


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